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Even the Oracion Seis are from Rave…(although they are called the Oracion Six in Rave…but seis is Spanish for six, so…)

One thing about Rave Master that’s different from Fairy Tail for sure is that back in Rave, Mashima packed in a lot more events per-chapter, whereas FT is more detailed and one fight can go on for several chapters. So, Rave feels a lot longer than it is.

I only managed to get through 28 chapters today…

Also wanted to ask, what did you use to record your speed drawing. I was wanting to make a video of a pokemon hack that I'm playing, but the emulator video tools are horrible (laggy audio, video skipping, etc). Any suggestions?

If you’re using OS X, I use a tool called Screen Record Utility in combination with Soundflower. Unfortunately, the free version of SCU can only record 300 seconds of video, and the full version costs $7. If you go this route DON’T install SCU’s sound capture driver as it will override your audio drivers and mess up your speakers (I did that, oops); use Soundflower to create an aggregate device so you can hear and record at the same time.

If you’re using Windows, I used to use a program called Hypercam 2. The video quality in the free version is low and there is a watermark in the corner of all footage, but if you record a large area it’s not a big deal. Hypercam 3 and beyond are paid programs ($40) but have a 21-day free trial. I’ve never tried sound capturing on Windows, though.

Hello there, Sieg. I’m so glad your true name was Jellal in FT or things could have gotten really confusing (not that they weren’t already confusing enough or anything).

Also, I am convinced that Lasagna and her child are the basis for Cana and Romeo

Musica can manipulate metal!?

That’s it, I’ve decided that he’s what happens when you combine Gray and Gajeel. Or, chronologically, Gray and Gajeel are what happen when you split Musica into two characters.

(Actually to be perfectly honest, Rave Master reminds me of Tokyo Underground for some reason or another. I think it might have to do with the basic setup of the story being similar, but this is Mashima we’re talking about here, so I’m sure it will be better than that.)



In response to your tags, it happens pretty early on in Rave (chapter 3 or 4 I think?). Haru makes the same hand sign Fairy Tail makes to Laxus during Fantasia and tells his sister he’ll be back for sure before he leaves Garage Island.

It’s kind of weird reading about a shonen hero who’s actually smart.

The only other ones I can think of are Kite, Syaoran/Tsubasa, and Ichigo (I would count Natsu as well, but he seems to bounce back and forth between the two ends of the intelligence scale so much, I’m not sure how to classify him).


» Rave Master: First Impressions

This is gonna be a little difficult to “liveblog” the way I did for Bleach and Fairy Tail since I’m on mobile, aha. Buuuuuut, I’m recovering from surgery so I’ve got nothing better to do than start my marathon, right?

I read the first two chapters before passing out for a few hours so here’s what I have to say.

  • The first thing is…wow. Mashima’s art style has changed SO MUCH. If I did not already know he wrote Rave as well, I would have never guessed
  • Sooooo…Gray’s necklace was another Rave Master reference? Wonder why Musica or whatever his name was didn’t recognize it in the OVA.
  • Haru, as expected, is a lot more level-headed and calm than Natsu. I gathered that from the OVA…tbh I thought it was weird when Haru called himself “hot-blooded” back then; from what I understand of him right now, the term doesn’t suit him all that well.
  • Also I get the feeling Rave Master will be a lot more wacky than Fairy Tail. You know, with the giant talking sunflower, jelly, and all the other odd things.
  • 72 pages for the first chapter and 54 for the second!? I hope not all the chapters are this long…
  • No Ellie yet? Since Natsu showed up in chapter 1 of FT I was expecting Ellie to show up similarly early in Rave.

Also I’ll probably be comparing Rave to FT a lot so…yeah.

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