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Yes I was pretty excited over Gray in this chapter but at the same time I’m worried. 

Just look at him, he looks so determined and so serious. I’m afraid that he wants revenge, which is understandable, but still it may blind him. I just hope this won’t change him too much. 


Now don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Fairy Tail. But “what the fuck am I watching?!?” is something I find myself thinking often




"My heart... it's burning up. Even though I hated that brat, even though I hated her... I just can't stop these feelings. Never seeing you again is going to be so lonely Lucy... thank you... for everything."

I’ve finally gotten to the point in Rave Master where Mashima gained the ability to draw guys with muscles and it’s wonderful.

You know how some people make their fanseries 30-ish episodes to avoid filler?

I’ve got the opposite problem…52 episodes is not nearly enough to tell my story and still have decent pacing…

Now if I could just figure out the pacing of the final arc…



Some Celestial Pretty Cure doodles because it’s been several months and I kinda sorta feel like it’s been long enough and maybe it’s okay for me to work on a fanseries again.

I re-did Cure Sol’s skirt because it looked too simple, and gave her longer hair so Mirror’s gargantuan braid wouldn’t look strange. And then I re-did Stella’s skirt because it looked too ridiculous. Btw, this is the first time I’ve ever posted a picture of Cure Stella on my tumblr, isn’t it? By the time I got around to drawing Cure Mirror, I ran out of patience with my tablet. Also Mirror is the odd one out because she has a covered midriff xD

Last but not least the brown doodle is Hinata (Sol’s civilian form). She has social issues.

# punny
# fairy tail


Mira is scary: Fear-ajane

Jellal make a joke: JeLOL

Lucy eats a burrito: Lucy Fartfelia

Natsu fights NPH: Natsu drags Neil

Erza get’s sick: Erza Scarlet fever

Makarov acts dumb: Bakarov

Mystogon: Mystohere

Canna makes lunch meat: Canna Albologna

Rogue goes to france: Moulin Rogue

Happy gets emotional: Sappy

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